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Action Plans


Note: This is work-in-progress

ISOC-CH is mainly concerned with discourses on Internet related matter as well as to
promote the usage of the Internet within Switzerland and organizes conferences, congresses
and fora to cover these purposes. Topoi in this respect currently (July 2010) are, inter alia,
“Cyber-Citizenship”, the “Information Society”, the “Digital Society/Infrastructure”, “Digital
Natives”, “Smart Culture/Systems/Growth”, “eCulture”, “Mass Collaboration”, “Digital
Politics and Government”, “Internet of Things”, “Next Generation Networks” (NGN), “The
Cloud”, “The Immersive Web”, “The Semantic Web” and all actions to empower emerging

ISOC-CH action plans may include:

  • Information sharing in fora, roundtables etc.
  • Education and training initiatives
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Consultation activities
  • Building trust and stability in networks
  • Internet and related standards
  • Privacy
  • Social networking
  • New technologies
  • Cooperation, collaboration and mediation with other private, public and civil society sectors