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Bitcoin : a form of electrical matter

Elliot Vaucher “What scarce objects provide is a straightforward basis for implementing, in an intuitively secure way, the anonymous commodity exchange economies formalised in microeconomics in a P2P fashion on the Internet.” Nick Szabo. Attending “Internet ways of networking” seminar Thanks to the Internet Society, I had the chance to attend a series of webinars Read more…

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Statement: ISOC Switzerland Chapter Concerned over Reports that EU Plans to Weaken Encryption

According to a blog post from the EFF, the European Union (EU) might be changing directions regarding encryption, perhaps influenced by the Five Eyes. This is not a new discussion and public safety is given as the reason to weaken encryption. However, any weakening of encryption will inevitably allow illegal activity, so the disadvantages outweigh Read more…

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FDPIC considers CH-US Privacy Shield does not provide adequate level of data protection

Bern, 08.09.2020 – The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) has reassessed the data protection conformity of the Privacy Shield regime. The FDPIC concludes in his position paper of 8 September 2020 that it does not provide an adequate level of protection for data transfer from Switzerland to the US pursuant to the Federal Read more…

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Advice from the Chapter Advisory Council Steering Committee regarding the Sale of PIR

The Switzerland Chapter worked with other ISOC chapters on advice for consideration to the ISOC Board that was released today.

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Internet Society Switzerland joins the concerned voices for the .ORG Sale

The Swiss Chapter of the Internet Society has taken good note of the extensive discussions engendered by the proposal to sell PIR/.ORG to a newly-created private equity firm. Having carefully weighed the arguments, in particular from ISOC management and the ISOC Board, and evaluated the limited facts made public, we associate with the statements made Read more…

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Important step for Network Neutrality in Switzerland

Good News from the Swiss Parliament! Today, the National Council (big chamber) has approved network neutrality provisions to be added to the Swiss Telecommunications Act (with 182:5 votes in favor)! ISOC Switzerland Chapter played an active role in the political process in a coalition with partner organizations. Given the Council of States (small chamber) also Read more…

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National Council decides for efficient CSAM removal

Today, the National Council (big chamber of the Swiss Parliament) has approved unanimously a new article, that was drafted by the ISOC-CH Head of Public Policy, Bernie Höneisen, and revised by ISOC-CH member, Simon Schlauri, and aims to improve the situation with efficient removal of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). The following provision shall be Read more…

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ISOC-CH Statement on Ordinance of Gambling Law

The Public Consultation on the Ordinance of the gambling law ended yesterday. ISOC-CH has submitted a statement expressing general concerns on network blocking and raised several issues with the ordinance in particular. Mainly, the Ordinance is too general allowing all blocking methods from DNS Blocking to Deep Packet inspection (incl. crack encryption) as applied e.g. Read more…

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ISOC-CH has submitted positions on two public consultations

ISOC-CH has just submitted its positions on two public consultations, i.e. the partial revision of the Swiss Telecommunications Act and the Revision of the Swiss Copyright Act. You can find our positions (in German) on: ISOC-CH Position on Partial Revision of the Swiss Telecommunications Act ISOC-CH Position on Revision of the Swiss Copyright Act Thanks Read more…

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Net Neutrality: BAKOM/OFCOM Report Published

Network Neutrality

Biel/Bienne, 23.10.2014 – Developing the foundations for discussing net neutrality – this was the goal of a Federal Government working group. In the report, published on the website of the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), an overview of net neutrality issues was produced. Various stakeholders and experts contributed to the drafting of the report between Read more…

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