The Internet Society is 25

This year, the Internet Society celebrates its 25th year of advocacy for an open, trusted Internet available to everyone, everywhere. Today the challenges to the open Internet have never been greater – and thus  confronting those challenges requires our participation. During this anniversary year, the ISOC plans include: 25 Under 25 – A new program to shine Read more…

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ISOC-CH statement on recent CIA revelations on surveillance and hacking

ISOC-CH endorses the statement of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which develops and publishes basic Internet standards, regarding the recent allegations of CIA use of hacking published at: and we invite the Internet Society and all its chapters to also endorse this statement. We concur that: Security is not a single feature but Read more…

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Switzerland needs a wider DNSSEC Deployment!

To navigate the Internet, users typically use domain names in their browser’s address bar. Domain names will be translated to machine-readable IP addresses by the Domain Name System (DNS) and those IP addresses are used to connect to the requested website. The process is similar to using a phone book to look up the telephone Read more…

Bad day for the open Internet in Switzerland.

The Swiss National Council just approved network blocking. The National Council debated on 1 March 2017 the law on gambling (“Geldspielgesetz,” “LJAr,” “LGD”) within Switzerland. However, the debate was fundamentally about more than just gambling, it was about public access to websites of foreign online gambling sites (casinos, poker sites, etc.), since they will be Read more…

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European Chapters Meeting Report

Our Vice-Chairman external, Richard Hill, attended the 2017 European Chapters meeting, 22-23 February, 2017, in Amsterdam. Twenty-four chapters attended the meeting. The presentations, meeting notes, videos, and photos are posted here. Richard made the presentation regarding the ISOC Global Internet Report 2016: The Economics of Building Trust Online: Preventing Data Breaches The key points presented Read more…

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Network blocking removed from draft law on gambling

The new gambling law 15.069 was intensely discussed in the Parliament during the past months. Among the key concerns regarding the draft law was the provision on network blocking, which the Internet Society Switzerland Chapter (ISOC-CH) and partners from civil society such as Digitale Gesellschaft (DigiGes) are strongly opposed to. On 13 January, the Legal Read more…

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The IGF is coming home

After 10 years of meetings all over the world, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is coming home: in 2017 the annual meeting will take place in Geneva, the home of the IGF Secretariat. The announcement of Switzerland’s offer to host the 2017 meeting was made in Guadalajara, Mexico, at the closing session of the 11th Read more…

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Statement on Internet blocking

ISOC-CH wishes to express its concern at the recent increase in blocking of web sites, in particular to limit political free speech. This is a phenomenon that appears to be taking place around the world,  see this report and the related press release. A report from the Guardian illustrates different approaches in Web Censorship in many countries, Read more…

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Sample letters, French & German: on the Federal surveillance law (LRens/NDG)

Swiss voters accepted, by a large majority, the new Federal surveillance law (LRens/NDG). ISOC-CH had supported the process of collecting signatures to hold a referendum and opposed the law, on the grounds that it could open the door to mass surveillance and have other undesirable side effects. During the campaign leading up to the vote, Read more…

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Richard Hill re-elected to the Chapters Advisory Council

Elections were held this month for the Steering Committee of the Chapters Advisory Council.  Richard Hill, our Vice-Chair External, was re-elected to this position for another year.  ISOC-CH congratulates Richard and thanks all chapters for their support.  

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