ISOC Switzerland Chapter is a Member of the Global Encryption Coalition

The mission of the Global Encryption Coalition is to promote and defend encryption in key countries and multilateral gatherings where it is under threat. It also supports efforts by companies to offer encrypted services to their users. ISOC Switzerland Chapter is a member of the coalition and supports its mission to promote and defend encryption.

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Consolidation in the DNS resolver market – how much, how fast, how dangerous?

The Journal of Cyber Policy published a special Issue on Internet Consolidation including the article “Consolidation in the DNS resolver market – how much, how fast, how dangerous?” written by Roxana Radu and Michael Hausding. The article provides a timely analysis of the emerging trends of consolidation in the recursive DNS services market and the Read more…

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ISOC Switzerland Chapter takes part in “We the Internet” Global Citizens’ and Stakeholders’ Dialogue

On June 5th and 6th, Mission Publiques invited stakeholders worldwide to discuss the future of Internet governance and to seek answers to How to shape the future of digital cooperation? Who should decide how to leverage the opportunities brought by the use of digital technologies and mitigate the risks they involve? A couple of board Read more…

Encryption – What is it good for?

When we write a message or record a voice message, we usually have a recipient in mind. When we send the message, we choose the contact or contacts we want to send the information to and that’s the end of it. We assume that those people and nobody else will receive and read that particular Read more…

ISOC Switzerland Chapter Statement: No Change of Control of PIR/.ORG

The Swiss Chapter of the Internet Society has taken note that there will be no change of control of PIR/.ORG. We welcome that a decision has been made in this matter and the continued stewardship of .ORG by PIR. The decision is in line with ISOC Switzerland’s recommendation published on 14th February 2019, in which Read more…

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Three Technologies that Shaped the Internet

Today, the Internet touches upon nearly all aspects of our lives. With the advent of the Covid-19 crisis, its importance has grown even further, as people lean on it as a prop to enable them to do their job, their shopping, or important administrative chores such as filing taxes. So, what are the reasons why Read more…

VIT Labs workshop series is starting: join us every 7th of the month at 7pm!

The quarantine has affected significantly the organization of the VIT Labs project, which is designed to create open spaces that facilitate learning and engagement with technology through direct human contact. Today physical gatherings are not possible, but the increasing dependence on digital technologies for our everyday communication makes the core objective of the project even Read more…

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Advice from the Chapter Advisory Council Steering Committee regarding the Sale of PIR

The Switzerland Chapter worked with other ISOC chapters on advice for consideration to the ISOC Board that was released today.

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VIT Labs: An urban laboratory for collective learning and outreach on Values of Internet Technologies

ISOC-CH is proud to announce a new project, VIT Labs: An urban laboratory for  collective learning and outreach on Values of Internet Technologies, supported by the ISOC’s Beyond the Net Grant, in strong collaboration with  pEp foundation, NetHood, CCC-CH, and the University of Zurich’s Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. The project will contribute to the Read more…

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Internet Society Switzerland joins the concerned voices for the .ORG Sale

The Swiss Chapter of the Internet Society has taken good note of the extensive discussions engendered by the proposal to sell PIR/.ORG to a newly-created private equity firm. Having carefully weighed the arguments, in particular from ISOC management and the ISOC Board, and evaluated the limited facts made public, we associate with the statements made Read more…

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