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Internet Society Statement: Blocking TLS 1.3 in China Makes the Internet Less Secure

This statement was first published on 14 August 2020 on the ISOC website We are concerned about recent media reports that the government of China is blocking certain kinds of encrypted web connections. China appears to now block all web connections (HTTPS) that use a new open standard developed to make the Internet more secure. Technically speaking, this block affects Read more…

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ISOC Switzerland Chapter is a Member of the Global Encryption Coalition

The mission of the Global Encryption Coalition is to promote and defend encryption in key countries and multilateral gatherings where it is under threat. It also supports efforts by companies to offer encrypted services to their users. ISOC Switzerland Chapter is a member of the coalition and supports its mission to promote and defend encryption.

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Encryption – What is it good for?

When we write a message or record a voice message, we usually have a recipient in mind. When we send the message, we choose the contact or contacts we want to send the information to and that’s the end of it. We assume that those people and nobody else will receive and read that particular Read more…

Bad day for the open Internet in Switzerland

The Swiss National Council just approved network blocking. The National Council debated on 1 March 2017 the law on gambling (“Geldspielgesetz,” “LJAr,” “LGD”) within Switzerland. However, the debate was fundamentally about more than just gambling, it was about public access to websites of foreign online gambling sites (casinos, poker sites, etc.), since they will be Read more…

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