The Social impAct Committee (SAC) is a committee of ISOC-CH according to the statutes (§30) and aims to discuss and propose actions to the Board on social matters and impact of the Internet.

The main focus of this committee is to build awareness and stimulate learning processes at different levels (from formal education to informal self-organized groups) both on “how the Internet works” but also on “how the Internet could work”, closer to the core values of the Internet Society.

The goal of this process is the development of realistic plans for action toward more informed and engaged communities regarding the ways that the Internet affects or could affect everyday life and the overall sustainability of the environment.

Concepts developed in this context include:

  • Free software alternatives to big Internet platforms
  • Community ownership and governance of Internet infrastructure, data, and software
  • Rationalization of the ratio between digital and physical social interactions in everyday life


  • Ex-Officio: Panayotis Antoniadis



Every ISOC-CH member can apply for SAC membership by requesting addition to the Mailing-List (see above).