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  • Gambling law undermines Internet-Security

    This article is only available in the follwoing languages: French (fr): German (de):

  • Recent revelations of exposure of users’ Facebook data

    The Swiss Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-CH) has taken good notice of the statement by the Internet Society regarding the recent revelations of exposure of users’ Facebook data, see: In addition ISOC-CH endorses the following statement by Privacy International:

  • A Collaborative Effort for pretty Easy privacy (p≡p)

    Since the 2013 Snowden revelations of mass surveillance, the level of trust in Internet services has plunged. While discussions around privacy protection have advanced considerably, little progress has been achieved in designing operational tools that can be used on a daily basis by citizens around the world without a need to reconfigure their digital communications Read more…

  • 50’000 signatures against network blocking in gambling law

    Today 50’000 signatures for a public vote on the network blocking in the gambling law where handed over. Press release in German: Medienmitteilung: 50’000 Unterschriften gegen Netzsperren im Geldspielgesetz beisammen Referendum gegen Netzsperren im Geldspielgesetz Einreichung der Unterschriften heute Nachmittag in Bern 18. Januar 2018 Gleich drei Komitees haben Unterschriften gegen Netzsperren im Geldspielgesetz gesammelt. Read more…

  • ISOC-CH at the Internet Governance Forum

    In December 2017, the Internet Society Switzerland Chapter took part in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva. Roxana Radu, ISOC-CH Chair, was invited to speak about the Swiss Digital Strategy at the Open Forum entitled Digital Switzerland Strategy – Creating networked transformation processes through dialogue, held on 18 December (the GIP summary report is available here). Read more…


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Issues Spotlight

  • Values of Internet Technologies workshop series

    VIT ‒ Values of Internet Technologies A workshop series by ISOC-CH and p≡p foundation Digital technologies are neither neutral, nor impact-free in our society. This series of six workshops represents a platform for discussions and hands-on training to privacy, anonymity and security online. Concrete tech approaches will be presented and analyzed against bigger socio-political implications Read more…

  • Referendum against Network Blocking in Casino Act – help us fight for a free and open Internet

    The new Swiss Casino Act proposes to protect Swiss Casinos from foreign competition online using Network Blocking, i.e. means that are not only ineffective but also detrimental to the free and open Internet. We are participating in the campaign to raise awareness around the limitations this imposes on the Internet and the precedent it creates. Read more…

  • Joint Press Release: ISOC-CH and p≡p foundation engaged for pretty Easy privacy (p≡p)

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Geneva and Zurich, July 3rd, 2017 * * * * * Dear members of the press, The Internet Society Switzerland Chapter (ISOC-CH) and the Swiss p≡p foundation are happy to announce that they teamed up on documenting the pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) protocols, which can be used to create Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs), Read more…