Apr7at7 – Meet FairSocialNet #diaspora #peertube #mastodon #BBB

Wednesday, 7. April 2021
19:00 - 20:00

At the core of the efforts to build a more democratic and privacy respectful lie organizations that develop and promote alternatives to centralized and abusive digital platforms.

The 7at7 series changes slightly its format focusing every month on presenting such organizations after a short programme of “alternative news from the digital world” broadcasted live from L200.

This time we will visit the French-speaking part of Switzerland and invite FairSocialNet to introduce themselves, the alternative serviced they offer like PeerTube, Diaspora and Mastodon, and their partners like Swiss Neutral Net.

We will discuss important challenges that small organizations like FairSocialNet face and how to address them: funding, human resources, communication with a wider audience, and more.

Join us online at https://7at7.digital