Nov7at7: Campaigning for digital rights: a hybrid exhibition

Saturday, 7. November 2020
19:00 - 19:30

A key step toward digital empowerment and emancipation is clear communication that empowers people with bettern understanding and knowledge on how digital technology works and how it can be used to serve society and not the opposite.

The November 7at7 will follow a new experimental format. It will be a hybrid exhibition of successful campaigns, publications, and protests for reaching the general public about digital rights, about threats but also opportunities.

On the day of the event, November 7th at 7pm we will connect to the our digital BBB room at together with key people behind the selected campaigns, and we will ask them to comment on the displayed items.

What was the objective, the inspiration, and other stories behind? What were the reactions?

The main part of the event will finish by 19h30 and depending on the participation and the energy in both rooms we will have an open discussion or brainstorming on future campaigns at local and global level.

Join us!

Selected items for the exhibition (to be extended):

Please contact us at if you have further suggestions for additional examples of campaigns, posters, publications!

* After the event the exhibition will be displayed for one week or more on the street windows of L200 and will be available to visit 24/7. You can just pass by Langstrasse/Neugasse 🙂