E-ID: What is at stake?

Sunday, 7. February 2021
19:00 - 20:30

E-ID: what is at stake?

February 7at7 will address a timely topic in Swiss politics, the E-ID referendum. Simply put, the opponents of the corresponding law claim that “The digital passport does not belong in the hands of private companies”.

In reality, the question goes beyond this simple binary, state vs. private companies, even beyond the agreement on a compromise regarding the division of roles. And it is not only about Switzerland.

  • Should it be possible to be a citizen in the future without a smartphone and a digital ID?
  • What is the true cost of pervasive digitalization in terms of privacy and ecological sustainability?
  • To what extent legal measures can provide long-term guarantees over the abusive behaviour of private companies regarding the treatment of private data for commercial interests?
  • How citizens can be empowered to understand in depth the associated risks of different approaches and take informed democratic decisions about their future?

The 7at7 series aims to address important questions around digital issues in an informative and empowering way. The goal is not to take a position but understand in more depth what is at stake and how things work.

On February 7th at 7pm, the ISOC Switzerland Chapter invites experts representing different positions in the ongoing debate to shed more light on the technical aspects of this debate and what an informed citizen needs to know before voting at the referendum.

  • Peter Grütter, Präsident asut (Schweizerischer Verband der Telekommunikation)
  • Hernâni Marques (p≡p foundation)
  • Markus Kummer (ISOC-CH)

The discussion will be recorded and transformed to a short clip summarizing the debate complemented by a list of key resources.

Join us online at https://7at7.digital

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