Human Rights Film Festival Zürich: THE CLEANERS

Saturday, 8. December 2018
19:00 - 22:00
Lagerstrasse 104, Zürich

Join us attending the Human Rights Film Festival in Zürich. Have a drink, watch the documentary “The Cleaners”, and attend the discussion afterwards.

The Secret Life of Content Moderators

After the movie there will be a talk with Serge Droz (Senior Advisor, ICT4Peace Foundation) about the work of “content moderators” who filter the garbage on the Internet. Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram must prevent their users from spreading beheadings, staged suicides, child pornography, calls for violence and other forms of digital hatred. Who do they hire to delete such content? How can the work of these digital “cleaners” be adequately rewarded and the mental burden reduced?

Drinks at Kosmos: 19:00
Movie “The Cleaners” 20:30

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