IC Research Day: Foundations of the Information Age

Thursday, 30. June 2016
08:30 - 16:30
Route Louis-Favre 2, 1024 Ecublens

The ability to acquire, store, process and communicate large amounts of data forms the foundation of our information age and continues to transform virtually every aspect of our life.  Information Theory is at the center of this development, providing concepts and measures of information — such as the ”bit” — as well as algorithms to process information in an ever changing technological landscape.

In data transmission, the transition from wired to wireless communication continues to have a tremendous impact. But it is also becoming increasingly clear that a key enabling factor for these systems is a high-capacity high-speed optical backbone. In the realm of data processing, Information Theory is expanding its reach beyond communications and is playing an increasingly important role in Statistics, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Data storage started with punch cards, transitioned to magnetic, optical, and silicon materials and is now exploring chemical and biological mechanisms.This research day is devoted to some of the exciting current developments: Optical Communication, Foundations of Machine Learning, and Data Storage in DNA sequences.


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Nick Goldman, European Bioinformatics Institute

Frank Kschischang, University of Toronto

Alon Orlitsky, University of California, San Diego


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