IPv6 Addressing and Address-Policies

Monday, 28. April 2014
18:00 - 21:00
Limmatstrasse 50, 8005 Z├╝rich

Our partner organization, the Swiss IPv6 Council, invites you to a Lecture by Nathalie Trenaman, RIPE on IPv6 Addressing and Address-Policies.

RIPE NCC is the Regional Internet Registry responsible for IPv6 distribution in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. We build awareness among all Internet stakeholders of the need to deploy IPv6. At this moment, RIPE NCC has over 10.000 members. 69% of these members have a block of IPv6 addresses.

The first hurdle of an IPv6 deployment is building a scalable IPv6 addressing plan. Since there are so many addresses and distribution is done in subnets, a lot of engineers and architects see this phase of the deployment as one of the most challenging.

Nathalie Trenaman will shine a light on current best practices, taking into account different transitioning mechanisms and end users.

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