Meet CIRCE: #storytelling #hacking #pedagogy #conviviality

Sunday, 7. March 2021
19:00 - 20:30

One of the biggest challenges for promoting a different digital culture is the very limited public imagination for the threats of today’s corporate Internet and its possible alternatives.

CIRCE, the International Research Centre for Electric Convivialities, produces a wide range of art and educational materials and methods, from storytelling like the recently published book Internet, mon amour to hacker pedagogy workshops, where participants are trained into questioning the design of digital tools, and understanding in more depth the power structures that are hidden behind. But also technical solutions such as the libre publishing tools like vulgo.

In March 7at7 the CIRCE group will showcase some of their activities in their own creative style. Be prepared for surprises!

One of CIRCE’s mottos is that “the method is (part of) the content” and the structure of the event is indeed a part of what CIRCE has to offer. See also a recent article on Education at a Distance

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