Meeting Online: The Tools, the Processes & the Art

Tuesday, 7. July 2020
19:00 - 20:00

The July 7at7 will be a special gathering exploring past experiences and future possibilities for meeting online without sacrificing human contact.

For this we bring together event organizers who were forced to move their activities online during the corona times: From an architecture studio to a dancing course; from big events to small learning groups; from home working for a big company to volunteer work within hacker groups.

The round-table discussion will take place at L200 as a private event, but it will broadcasted live at the permanent online BigBlueButton room hosted by Digitale Gesellschaft.

We will discuss about teleconferencing tools, facilitation tools, and the delicate art of hosting.

From an infrastructure (tools) perspective, some key questions are:

  • Can a rich physical experience, like a knowledge exchange between experts, captured with good quality using standard affordable equipment already available in spaces (DSLR cameras, microphones, mixers), instead of expensive videoconference systems?
  • Can an open source platform like BigBlueBlutton serve as a streaming service including a rich set of features for remote participation?
  • Which are important features of webconference systems and how facilitators can use them to organize more enriching online meetings/events?

Join us on July 7th through BBB to listen to what the experts have to say about these and more questions, and to help us with a both supporting and critical attitude to advance our knowledge and tools for meeting online in the future.


19:00-20:00: Three rounds of short statements (self-introduction, interesting/funny stories from our online experiences, more “technical” lessons learned on tools, processes, and the art of hosting, based on the different perspectives in the room)

After 20:00: The discussion continues in smaller groups: the one on site, and the one online.


Panayotis Antoniadis (ISOC-CH, NetHood, L200, Openki)
sva (CCC-CH,
Katja Dörlemann (SWITCH)
Charlotte Schaeben (ETH Zurich, Design in dialogue lab)
Laurenne Descamps (ImpactHub, Circular Economy Transition)
Ramona Sprenger (Dezentrum)
Manon Fantini (Participation and inclusive processes)
Eleni Mylona (KONTά collective) (confirmation pending)