National ISOC-CH Event 2012, Bern

Tuesday, 27. November 2012
18:00 - 21:00
Marktgasse 67, 3003 Bern


17:45 Arrival of participants / Networking
18:15 Opening
> About Internet Society (ISOC)
> About Internet Society Switzerland Chapter (ISOC-CH)
> About Swiss IPv6 Council
18:30 The Open Internet under Threat
by Brian Trammell, research associate, Communication Systems Group, ETH Zurich
19:00 Internet Related Topics in Swiss Politics
by Balthasar Glättli, entrepreneur and politician, member of the Swiss Parliament
19:30 Discussion
20:00 Apéro
21:00 End

The event is targeted to members of the ISOC Switzerland Chapter. Guests are more than welcome to join the event based on availability of seats.

The Internet Society is open to anyone for membership. If you are not yet a member, you may want to sign-up here:


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“The Open Internet under Threat”:

by Brian Trammell, research associate, Communication Systems Group, ETH Zurich

The Internet has been marked by its openness since its earliest days. Expanding the end-to-end principle into a philosophy of operation led to the construction of a network that was open, neutral, and stateless, allowing a boom in innovation that has allowed the Internet to largely replace the public switched telephone network as “The Network”.

Today, this openness is under threat on economic, sociopolitical, and technical fronts. Closed platforms can be more easily monetized than open ones. As the Internet becomes a public utility, governments demand more control over it. Network address exhaustion, translation, and transition challenge the end-to-end nature of the network. This talk discusses these threats, as posed by current applications and services as well as situations beyond the network, as the starting point for discussion as to what can be done at the local ISOC chapter level to address them.


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