The IANA transition: a watershed moment for the Internet

Tuesday, 25. October 2016
17:30 - 19:00
Galerie Jean-Malbuisson 15, 1204 Genève
Date: Tuesday 25 October
ISOC Geneva office – map and directions below.
17.30 starting time til 19.00

Refreshments served as a light apéro

Come join ISOC-CH for a light apéro and an engaging presentation by Vice-Chair, Markus Kummer: “The IANA transition — a watershed moment for the Internet.”

The IANA transition marks the end of US oversight over the Internet. Some called it Independence Day for the Internet or for ICANN. Without any doubt it was a significant milestone in the history of the Internet. ICANN Board member Markus Kummer will explain the history of the transition and how it happened. e will also reflect on the implications of the IANA stewardship transition and the broader context of the Internet governance debate.

We will try to also have online participation available and will update this page once we have login details or other information. This is not guaranteed.
TO REGISTER: please send email directly to to register for the event – before 24 October, please.