The Network of Networks

Wednesday, 19. June 2019
10:00 - 19:30
Karl Schmid Strasse 4, 8006 Zürich

The 6th event in the Values of Internet Technologies (VIT) workshop series will be held at the University of Zurich, from 10am on, with a lunch as well as coffee and snack breaks in between and an apero at the very end. Throughout this full-day workshop, people should have time to ask questions to the input talks provided and, most importantly, talk to each other directly!

The 6th workshop will focus on the Internet as a network of networks, its state, challenges and on what the most important requirements for having good policies and spreading diverse and Human-Rights-solid Free and Open Source digital communication technologies are — for our goal to build an Internet that is open, globally connected, trusted and secure for everyone.

Important Note: Participation is free of charge, but please register below to help us organize the right amounts of foods & drinks.


Time Topic Info
10.00 Welcome Hernâni Marques (p≡p foundation), Marianthe Stavridou (ISOC-CH) and Nana Karlstetter (p≡p foundation)
10:15 Talk 1: Privacy at the Edge Prof. Dr. Christian Grothoff (BFH)
11:00 Break Coffee, Snacks & Chats
11:15 Talk 2: Design for Values Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing (ETHZ)
12:00 Break Lunch & Chats
14:15 Talk 3: Fractured Big Web

What is wrong with the Internet today? How is it possible to have more
and more people connected worldwide and yet the content becoming less
discoverable? Is the cost-benefit analysis slowly overwhelming the true
value of the global network backbone, fracturing the most interconnected
era in human history?
From A.I. ethics and regulation of fully autonomous weapons to Big data
and privacy, from ICT4D and disaster relief to first responder safety in
Search & Rescue operations, everything depends on fully connected,
open-standard, free-of-charge Internet access everywhere on the planet –
and beyond.
Exactly five decades after the beginning of ARPANET and three decades
since HTTP and WWW became a reality, we stand on the next major tipping
point. The problems are now less technical and more social, economic and
political. The issues to be solved are far more complex than just
designing plain-text protocols over modulated telephone signals.
Fortunately, the solutions are much more robust and already emerging.

Dr. Harris Georgiou is Informatics Systems Engineer (BSc, MSc), Machine Learning & Medical Imaging researcher (PhD), working professionally as IS/IT, software developer and R&D consultant. He also researches and teaches at academic level at the University of Peireaus and further private schools.
He is also the President of the Informatics Association in Greece.
15:00 Break Coffee, Snacks & Chats
15:15 Talk 4: Towards an Organic Internet Antoniadis Panayotis (ISOC-CH)
16:00 Longer Break Coffee, Snacks (some more & special ones!) & Chats
17:15 Talk 5: You Broke The Internet: Overview of Technologies to Reclaim the Net Hernâni Marques (p≡p foundation)
18:00 Break Coffee, Snacks & Chats
18:15 Talk 6: Human rights in the digital age: GDPR and beyond Dr. Sumon Vangchuay is an international human rights lawyer and a United Nations Representative for the Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s Association (PPSEAWA) in Geneva, Switzerland. She has extensive experience in international technical cooperation projects sponsored by governments and UN specialized agencies, such as ILO, UNAIDS, WHO, UNICEF, AusAID and JICA-Japan. Under the ILO Technical Cooperation portfolio on gender equality and decent work. The Internet, digitalization and human rights are key issue in her work.
19:00 Apero & Chats
19:30 End


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