04. April 2014 / 17:30
Käfigturm, Marktgasse 67, 3003 Bern
This page contains only the official part of the GA. Please visit the Annual General Assembly 2014 event page for more information on the framework program as well as for registration.
  1. Opening
  2. Election of two vote counters
  3. Agenda Bashing
  4. Presentation & acceptance (or rejection) of reports
    1. Preceding GA (minutes)
    2. Board (incl. activity report)
    3. Financial statement
    4. Oversight committee
  5. Discharge of Board members
  6. Changes of Statutes2
  7. Elections
    1. Members of the Board
    2. Members of the Oversight Committee
    3. Members of the Executive Committee (if applicable)
    4. Head-office (if applicable)
  8. Membership Fee
  9. Presentation & acceptance (or rejection) of Budget
  10. Exclusion of members
  11. AOB
    1. Recovering funds of former ISOC-GVA Chapter
    2. Improvement of Sponsoring
  12. Closing

1 Proposals for additional agenda items were to be submitted to the board by 15 March 2014.

2 Change requests for statutes were to be submitted to the statutes mailing list by 15 March 2014. The voting will be only on these Change Requests that were received and published ahead. Change Requests to the statutes made during the GA will not be voted on.