Richard Hill elected to Chapters Advisory Council Steering Committee

ISOC has created a new group called the Chapters Advisory Council (AC), whose purpose is  to channel and facilitate advice and recommendations to and from the President and Board of Trustees of the Internet Society in a bottom up manner, on any matters of concern or interest to the Chapters AC and ISOC Chapters.  Each chapter may appoint one delegate to the AC, and 66 of the 110 Chapters did so.

The AC has a Steering Committee of 9 members, which elects a Chair, up to 3 vice-Chairs, and a Secretary.

The ISOC-CH delegate to the AC is Richard Hill, Vice-Chair External, and he has been elected to the AC Steering Committee (51 of the 66 chapter delegates voted in the election for the Steering Committee members).  The Steering Committee has held its first meeting to elect its officers and organize its work. Avri Doria has been elected Chair; Richard Hill, Douglas Onyango and Rudi Vansnick are the vice-Chairs; and Babu Ram Aryal is the Secretary. The Chair will soon be reaching out to the chapters to ask for inputs.
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