Referendum against LRens/NDG

The Swiss Parliament has recently passed a new law regarding the “information services”, meaning the espionage and counter-espionage services. This new law significantly extends the powers of those services and also enables them to carry out mass surveillance in certain situations.

A broad coalition, including actors on the left and on the right of the political spectrum, has been formed to collect signatures to force a referendum on this law. ISOC-CH is opposed to mass surveillance, so we have joined the coalition in question. You will find below the signature forms for the referendum.

In a nutshell, the arguments against the new law include the following:
* It allows disproportionate and unnecessary invasions of privacy.
* It institutes a mass surveillance regime.
* It allows measures that are dangerous and can be counter-productive, such as installation of Trojans developed outside of Switzerland.
* It is not needed: existing criminal laws and the existing powers of the cantonal police forces are sufficient to attain the stated goals of the law: combating terrorism, organized crime, and protecting the security of Switzerland and its citizens.

Further details can be found at:–alliance-contre-l-etat-f.html
The text of the law itself is at:


Signature forms for the referendum:





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