Statement on Internet blocking

ISOC-CH wishes to express its concern at the recent increase in blocking of web sites, in particular to limit political free speech. This is a phenomenon that appears to be taking place around the world,  see
this report and the related press release.

A report from the Guardian illustrates different approaches in Web Censorship in many countries, see:

As a very recent example, Turkey has doubled down on its censorship by blocking not only Social Media and other websites, but VPN and Tor access as well, see:

ISOC-CH condemns all attempts to censor the Internet and to block content and calls for strict respect of freedom of expression in accordance with international law.  Further, ISOC-CH calls on other ISOC chapters to endorse this statement.

ISOC-CH has previously issued a statement opposing the blocking of web sites, see:

Other ISOC chapters are facing similar issues, see:

And ISOC is generally opposed to blocking, see:


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