.swiss applications

The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) launched the application process for .swiss Internet addresses on 7 September. The application takes place in several stages. By 1 October, more than 3,000 applications have been received.

In a first stage, i.e. until 9 November 2015, applications to acquire a .swiss address can relate only to marks registered in the “Trademark Clearinghouse” (a trademark registration system set up by ICANN, the corporation which is responsible for the management of internet addresses at the global level), names associated with public bodies and other distinctive marks and signs protected in Switzerland, such as, for example, company names. Only private entities registered in the Swiss Register of Commerce and public organisations may submit an application. After verifying the validity of the dossiers, OFCOM will publish all applications for 20 days, in order to enable third parties either to submit a rival application or to notify any problem. The first assignment decisions will be made in December 2015.

The second phase will begin on 11 January 2016. Applications may relate to any type of name, in so far as it originates from a public or private entity which has a base and an actual administrative site in Switzerland. The name which is applied for must have a sufficient objective link with the applicant.

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