New resource: GIP Digital Watch

GIP Digital Watch serves as a tool to provide a concise overview of all Internet governance and digital policy issues, actors and ongoing debates. It is a project of the Geneva Internet Platform in partnership with the Internet Society.

The online observatory – launched on 28 Sep in Geneva and online – maintains a comprehensive summary of Internet developments and provides access to the latest research and data on Internet policy.  GIP Digital Watch serves as a one-stop-shop for overview of related issues, featuring both explanatory texts and live updates. The online observatory is enriched by quantitative research (e.g. data-mining of open data, topic profiling), and qualitative analysis done by a team of knowledge curators.

“The need for having a navigation mechanism for digital policy is clear and urgent. The GIP Digital Watch addresses this need. It is broad enough to provide comprehensive coverage, yet specific enough to supply detailed summaries on digital policy issues”.

–  Dr Jovan Kurbalija, Director of DiploFoundation and Head of the Geneva Internet Platform

“It’s enormously important that our stakeholders have the information and tools they need to think through the underlying policy issues that arise across the globe”. 

– Kathy Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer, Internet Society

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