VIT Labs: An urban laboratory for collective learning and outreach on Values of Internet Technologies

ISOC-CH is proud to announce a new project, VIT Labs: An urban laboratory for  collective learning and outreach on Values of Internet Technologies, supported by the ISOC’s Beyond the Net Grant, in strong collaboration with  pEp foundation, NetHood, CCC-CH, and the University of Zurich’s Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

The project will contribute to the establishment of a regular monthly platform for bringing together experts and the general public around important issues of digital empowerment with special focus on privacy and security.

The long-term goal is to encourage people to use more secure and privacy-respecting digital platforms and tools, promoting Free Software solutions as a part of a wider digital emancipation project. One that sees Internet users as active and engaged members of the Internet society and not as passive consumers of digital services.

The monthly event will take place always on the 7th of the month at 7pm, to create a memorable appointment that will increase awareness and participation. Every time a different theme will be covered in collaboration with different local organizations specialized in the chosen theme. The schedule for future events and documentation of past ones, will be available on the web site (under construction).

The events organized by ISOC-CH will take place always at L200, a new self-organized space in the center of Zurich, at  Langstrasse 200, which is very visible and accessible to a wider public and engages already a wide variety of initiatives on sustainability, cooperative housing, alternative food cultures, digital commons, and more.

The series of events will start in April 2020, with the topic of sustainability, and more specifically zero waste, organized by pEp foundation with the collaboration of Transition Zürich and Zero Waste Switzerland.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The series was initially planned to start on April 7th, but given the outbreak of the coronavirus the first event will be delayed until further notice.

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