Advice from the Chapter Advisory Council Steering Committee regarding the Sale of PIR

The proposed sale of the .org domain registry (PIR) has raised some questions, also amongst ISOC members. The Switzerland Chapter worked with other ISOC chapters on advice for consideration to the ISOC Board that was released today.

The Chapter Advisory Council Steering Committee (ChAC-SC) has submitted the following advice to the ISOC Board for its consideration:

1. The sale of PIR to Ethos Capital should not proceed unless a number of conditions are met. (Advice 2020.02.13-01 )

2. ISOC constituencies must be consulted (Advice 2020.02.13-02 )

3. Changes to ISOC’s Bylaws to strengthen Advisory Councils and Chapters (Advice 2020.02.13-03 )

Advice #1 is based on information available as of 10 February 2020.

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