VIT Labs workshop series is starting: join us every 7th of the month at 7pm!

The quarantine has affected significantly the organization of the VIT Labs project, which is designed to create open spaces that facilitate learning and engagement with technology through direct human contact.

Today physical gatherings are not possible, but the increasing dependence on digital technologies for our everyday communication makes the core objective of the project even more important.

Indeed, it is more critical than ever to understand better how the Internet and digital technologies work, and the challenges they pose for privacy, sovereignty, sustainability, among others.

Digitale Gesellshaft will be hosting the online events of our 7at7 series on its BigBlueButton server, and will also offer the two first, May and June, events focusing on privacy.

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing and e-learning platform, which appears to be a very good alternative to proprietary and privacy-abusive platforms like zoom.

The first event will be on May 7th, at 7pm, on “Basic computer protection and security of messengers and video conferences“, offered by Digitale Gesellschaft, in german.

To register, please send an e-mail to 7@7at7.ch and the access link will be provided to you.

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