Global Internet Community Leader Joins Internet Society as VP for Public Policy

Markus Kummer takes on leadership role for global, regional and national Internet issues

internationally recognized leader in a broad range of Internet policy issues
will join the Internet Society as head of its public policy department. As
the Internet Society’s Vice President of Public Policy, Markus Kummer will
advance key Internet Society policy positions on issues such as privacy,
cybersecurity, and network neutrality. Most recently the Executive
Coordinator of the Secretariat supporting the United Nations’ Internet
Governance Forum, Kummer has extensive experience with Internet policy at
the global, regional, and national levels.

“Markus’ broad experience with and deep understanding of the key policy
issues facing the Internet will help ensure the Internet Society has an even
greater impact on issues critical to the Internet’s continued evolution as
an open platform for innovation and economic development,” said Lynn
St.Amour, the Internet Society’s President and CEO.

Before joining the United Nations in 2004, Kummer held the position of
eEnvoy for the Swiss Foreign Ministry in Berne. Mr. Kummer was a member of
the Swiss delegation during the first phase of the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS) where he chaired several negotiating groups,
including the group on Internet governance. He went on to serve as the
Executive Coordinator of the WSIS Working Group on Internet Governance from
2004 to 2005. Before his involvement with the WSIS, he served as a career
diplomat in several functions in the Swiss Foreign Ministry and was posted
in Lisbon, Vienna, Oslo, Geneva, and Ankara.

“In joining the Internet Society, I look forward to advancing the
multistakeholder approach to policy that has been so central to the
Internet’s development and is even more critical to its future,” said Markus
Kummer, who will officially take up his position on 1 February 2011. “With
its technical roots, the Internet Society is already established as a
uniquely credible leader on policy issues, and a key contributor to policy
discussions at the national, regional, and global levels.”

The Internet Society is the world’s trusted independent source of leadership
on Internet issues. The Internet Society works with its tens of thousands of
Members and nearly 100 Chapters around the world to promote the continued
evolution and growth of the open global Internet.

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