ISOC-CH supports the STOP-BÜPF campaign

A coalition of political parties has decided to oppose the planned revision of the Swiss telecommunications surveillance law, known as the BÜPF. A demonstration against the revision is being organized in Bern on 31 May 2014. For information on this campaign, see

ISOC-CH supports this campaign and the planned demonstration. In light of revelations about the capabilities of foreign intelligence agencies to penetrate even the most secure servers, there should be no extensions of data retention periods. Any retained data is vulnerable to attacks by insiders and foreign intelligence agencies and can be used to target innocent citizens without their knowledge or consent. A full and in-depth discussion of mass surveillance, its dangers, and how to prevent it must take place before any revisions of BÜPF. Thus, ISOC-CH supports the current campaign to stop approval of the planned revisions to BÜPF.


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