Global Internet User Survey Published

The Global Internet User Survey recently published provides a summary of global responses to the 2012 Global Internet User Survey. Key themes and findings have been identified in areas such as Internet usage, the attitudes of users towards the Internet, users’ views of the Internet’s role in providing access to education and in supporting social action. The survey results also highlight the actions users take, or fail to take, in ensuring they understand the consequences of sharing personal data online and in protecting their
online identity. Further analysis — for example exploring differences in responses across regions or countries — will be explored in future reports.

In the following a selected list of key findings:

The Internet and Human Rights
83 percent of respondents agreed or agreed strongly that access to the Internet should be considered a basic human right.
Internet censorship
More than 2/3 agreed or agreed strongly that increased government control would inhibit the growth of the Internet and/or stifle innovation.
Online privacy and identity
19 percent of respondents were aware of circumstances in which personal data was used in a way they did not expect. The most commonly reported consequences were: unsolicited communications, stolen personal data, private data becoming public, impersonation, and financial loss.
The Internet and economic and societal issues
A majority of respondents felt strongly that the Internet plays a significant role in making improvements to business, science, and technology in areas such as: expanding the availability of goods and services (66 percent), allowing entrepreneurs to conduct business across all countries (65 percent), and advancing science and technology and creating a technologically recognized workforce (61 percent).
Attitudes towards the Internet
98 percent of users agreed or strongly agreed the Internet is essential for their access to knowledge and education.

Please find a Summary on the Internet Society Webpages on the Global Internet User Survey.

The get a better picture on the Internet User Survey feel free to download the Info-Graphik.

Global Internet User Survey 2012 Infographic
Global Internet User Survey 2012 Infographic


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