The Switzerland Chapter of the Internet Society hosts 2013 Annual General Assembly in Bern

On 8 March, 2013, at the start of the ISOC-CH Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Internet Society Switzerland Chapter (ISOC-CH) celebrated International Women’s Day with a keynote by Monique Morrow (Distinguished Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems and Chair-woman of the ITU Joint Coordination Activity on Cloud Computing) on “Women Leaders in the Internet“.  Monique’s keynote was followed by a warm welcome from ISOC by Joyce Dogniez, Director of Chapters at the Internet Society.  Joyce has just joined to the ISOC Chapter Support team. Many thanks to both Monique and Joyce for kicking off the AGM!

The AGM covered official business, Board activity reporting, Financial reporting, discharge of current Board and the election of a new Board for 2013, changes to Statutes, and a discussion of a membership fee.


For Board activities, a full report is posted here.  The main objective during 2012 was to get the chapter running from an administrative perspective. The tasks involved setting up our web presence, creating bank account, drafting committee proposals and creating a relationship with ISOC and the chapters around the globe, especially those organized in Europe. The next year will expand on this foundation of work.

The former Board was discharged, and a new Board elected by the membership. The following members have been elected to the Board of the Chapter:

  • Chair: Bernie Hoeneisen
  • Vice-Chair for Internal Affairs: Lynn Sorrentino
  • Vice-Chair for External Affairs: Federico Galati
  • Secretary: Lukas Mergenthaler
  • Treasurer: Roque Galliano

The new ISOC-CH Chair, Bernie Hoeneisen, said “I am looking forward to a prosperous year with lots of exciting activities, meeting interesting people, and lots of progress and fun with the new Board. The composition of the Board is promising!” and he thanked to the GA for the trust.  After the election, the meeting attendees welcomed the new Board members with enthusiasm.  A big thank you to former Board members for your volunteer service, and congratulations to new, and continuing, members of the Board!   The Board is looking forward to a dynamic new year, growing the membership, and providing interesting events and topics of discussion for members in Switzerland as well as maintaining relations with other ISOC Chapters in Europe and around the globe.


Furthermore, the attendees engaged in a discussion on “Proposals on an ISOC-CH membership fee”, which covered the options posted here.  Discussion on membership fee focused on the choice between a model where everyone could choose how much they wish to contribute to the chapter and classical fixed fee model. The GA decided with great majority for the former, more Internet-like model.

We would like to thank our host, the university of Bern, who provided the venue, and Cisco for sponsoring the meeting and providing the Webex remote participation for members who could not attend in person.

And last, but not least, a big thank you to all the volunteers who supported ISOC-CH during the course of the past year, in particular with event organization. Only with volunteers is ISOC-CH  able to accomplish its goal of outreach as a chapter of the Internet Society, and through our volunteers it is possible to offer interesting events, discussions, and support of the primary goals of the global Internet Society.  If you would like to know more, or would like to become a member, please contact us via the feedback page!

More Information and reports:

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