Update on Lawful Interception Act signature collection efforts

Narrow miss of the signature collection effort and validation for the referendum concerning the new lawful intercept act.

Despite intensive efforts, including strong support from individuals within ISOC-CH, the committee collecting signatures for the referendum against the LSCPT (lawful intercept act) narrowly missed collecting the requisite number of validated signatures. Over 50’000 signatures were collected, but it was not possible to validate all of them before the deadline.

The fact that so many signatures were collected, despite the opposition of Swiss political parties to the referendum, shows that there is considerable popular mistrust regarding the new lawful intercept provisions, which include the installation of spyware on targeted devices.

The concerned civil society organizations remain vigilant and intend to monitor the implementation of the law to ensure that there are no abuses.  But, in the short term, they will focus on the forthcoming vote (25 September) on the new information services law, for which a sufficient number of signatures had previously been collected.

More information can be obtained from the mailing list here.

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