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Consolidation in the DNS resolver market – how much, how fast, how dangerous?

The Journal of Cyber Policy published a special Issue on Internet Consolidation including the article “Consolidation in the DNS resolver market – how much, how fast, how dangerous?” written by Roxana Radu and Michael Hausding. The article provides a timely analysis of the emerging trends of consolidation in the recursive DNS services market and the Read more…

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ISOC Switzerland Chapter takes part in “We the Internet” Global Citizens’ and Stakeholders’ Dialogue

On June 5th and 6th, Mission Publiques invited stakeholders worldwide to discuss the future of Internet governance and to seek answers to How to shape the future of digital cooperation? Who should decide how to leverage the opportunities brought by the use of digital technologies and mitigate the risks they involve? A couple of board Read more…

Encryption – What is it good for?

When we write a message or record a voice message, we usually have a recipient in mind. When we send the message, we choose the contact or contacts we want to send the information to and that’s the end of it. We assume that those people and nobody else will receive and read that particular Read more…

Three Technologies that Shaped the Internet

Today, the Internet touches upon nearly all aspects of our lives. With the advent of the Covid-19 crisis, its importance has grown even further, as people lean on it as a prop to enable them to do their job, their shopping, or important administrative chores such as filing taxes. So, what are the reasons why Read more…

Public Discussion: Leistungsschutzrecht der Verleger

Switzerland is currently revising its copyright law. The Internet Society Switzerland Chapter advocates a copyright law that keeps the Internet open for everyone. That is why we support the alliance for a fair copyright law in Switzerland. Andreas Von Gunten is representing the alliance at a public discussion, organized by the Euorpa Institut at the Read more…

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Important step for Network Neutrality in Switzerland

Good News from the Swiss Parliament! Today, the National Council (big chamber) has approved network neutrality provisions to be added to the Swiss Telecommunications Act (with 182:5 votes in favor)! ISOC Switzerland Chapter played an active role in the political process in a coalition with partner organizations. Given the Council of States (small chamber) also Read more…

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National Council decides for efficient CSAM removal

Today, the National Council (big chamber of the Swiss Parliament) has approved unanimously a new article, that was drafted by the ISOC-CH Head of Public Policy, Bernie Höneisen, and revised by ISOC-CH member, Simon Schlauri, and aims to improve the situation with efficient removal of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). The following provision shall be Read more…

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ISOC-CH Statement on Ordinance of Gambling Law

The Public Consultation on the Ordinance of the gambling law ended yesterday. ISOC-CH has submitted a statement expressing general concerns on network blocking and raised several issues with the ordinance in particular. Mainly, the Ordinance is too general allowing all blocking methods from DNS Blocking to Deep Packet inspection (incl. crack encryption) as applied e.g. Read more…

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Gambling law undermines Internet-Security

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Netzsperren: Was geht technisch?

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