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Press release: Suisse, Europe, ONU, droit, gouvernance, technique: Point de situation

Vendredi 7 novembre, IHEID, conférence sur la surveillance en ligne Suisse, Europe, ONU, droit, gouvernance, technique: Point de situation Après les révélations d’Edward Snowden quant à la surveillance constante et universelle des  communications téléphoniques et en ligne, l’Assembée générale des Nations Unies, le Haut Commissaire des Nations Unies aux Droits de l’Homme, le Conseil de l’Europe [...]
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Report from the ISOC @ ICANN 50 meeting

More than 3,000 people gathered in London last week to participate in the largest ever ICANN meeting. Roxana Radu, ISOC-CH Vice Chair of Internal Affairs attended the ICANN Meeting, a part of which included an ISOC meeting on 23 June 2014. Participants in this meeting were 80 ISOC chapter delegates and staff in situ and [...]
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ISOC-CH supports the STOP-BÜPF campaign

A coalition of political parties has decided to oppose the planned revision of the Swiss telecommunications surveillance law, known as the BÜPF. A demonstration against the revision is being organized in Bern on 31 May 2014. For information on this campaign, see ISOC-CH supports this campaign and the planned demonstration. In light of revelations [...]
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Welcome to 2014!

Dear ISOC-CH Members, and members of the Internet Society globally, The Board of ISOC-CH would like to wish you a warm welcome to 2014! We hope that you will continue to be engaged in supporting the work of the Internet Society, and would like to encourage you to mark in your calendars the date of [...]
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Important: ISOC-CH comments on AGUR12 Final Report

Please find the statement about the ISOC-CH position on, and an analysis of, the AGUR12 final report (AGUR12 is a working group studying possible changes to Swiss copyright law). The report was issued on 6 December 2013. Additionally, there are links to AGUR12 information, as well as further analysis for our readers after the paper. [...]
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